Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Using PL cards as anchors for embellishments

I'm not one on the forefront of trends.  You might call me a late adopter.  I just bought my first Project Life cards.

I have looked a them before.  I knew I didn't want to do the whole system but I liked some of the cards I was seeing I just never liked them enough to get a big kit or even a pack like they have a Michaels.  I found these from WR Memorykeepers the other day at Walmart and really liked the colors and designs.  Plus there were only 18 in the pack for $1.77.  Easy and cheap enough to experiment with.

For the layout, I used photos of my husband's family from his visit back home in June.  He sees his sister at least once a year and this year got to see quite a bit of the rest of the family. He will handwrite in the names.

The cards anchor each of the embellishment groups.  More detail is in this YouTube video:

And here is the sketch.  It is actually a 2 pager and I just used one page for this layout.

I'm hard at work on my 2014 Sketchbook which I plan to have out in early January.  I have one more process video for this year coming up next week.  We may sneak in a shopping video or something else too before the year winds down.

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Monday, December 15, 2014

For a boy and a girl (and shop video)

One thing I'm learning about making canvases that serve as photo frames, it is really tough to do one for both a boy and a girl together.  I had a request to make one for a gift that would have a photo of a little girl about 1 year old and a boy about 4 or 5 years old.  Pink and blue was the suggested color combo and she wanted the design to completely wrap the canvas.

I used the children's initials. The little girl's part was easy, some flowers and rhinestones, jewels buttons, and lace. Piece of cake.

A boy is much tougher for me.  Adding some citron green would keep the pink from overtaking things I reasoned.  I also used some Tim Holtz gears.  The little boy's grandfather is a mechanic and I'd been asked to incorporate a car.  Stampin' Up!'s Loads of Love has a truck that I stamped at the top of the frame.   I kind of wish I hadn't colored it in, but I needed a bit more blue.

Adding the flair was a last minute decision. That and the little boy and girl in the key are my favorite embellishments here.  There is also sheet music from "It's a small world."

My understanding is that the grandmother who will use the canvas was delighted.  Personally I think next time I would do a multicolor one with a lot of white space in the background.

Over the weekend, I made a video of my work area and my canvases currently in my Etsy shop. There is a multcolor one with lots of white space.

My shop is Lovely Layers Art. 

Thanks for stopping by today!  I have a scrapbooking process video for you tomorrow or Wednesday.

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Good Fishing

When my husband goes to see his grandson each summer, they fish - a lot!  I always ask if they caught anything and he quickly explains that they are about the 'fishing experience.'  In other words, no, they don't catch anything.

So imagine my surprise when about 10 minutes into his fishing at a local lake when he is already catching something. I had to scramble for my camera.  We thought it was a catch and release pond but later found out it wasn't so next time he will take a cooler.

This is one of my favorite layouts of the year.  I like the photos on the diagonal and the Silhouette die cut.  This month's focus is on using my electronic die cutter. It is the biggest single investment in my craft room and I want to put it to even more use.

I used some ink on some of the edges of the trees and waves.

The papers are from a My Mind's Eye 6x6 pad called Jubilee that I've had for months.  I love the colors.

Here is the Process Video on YouTube:

And here is the sketch:

This will be part of my 2014 Sketchbook available in early January.  The December newsletter goes out later this week. Sign up on the sidebar.

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Friday, December 5, 2014

Photo Canvases

I've been playing with using photos on canvases.  I did these for friends.  (The girls are adorable but they are not mine to share photos of.)  The photos are regular prints from Walmart that I painted over with Mod Podge.

I added lots of lace, flowers and gems.

The book paper is from a 1950's sewing book.  It is filled with illustrations and just a couple with little girls.

I struggled more with the small canvas than the larger one.  I had this idea of what I wanted to do but I put the photo a little too far in the corner for it to work so I used more flowers and buttons.  The children's mother was very pleased with it.

Light modeling paste is one of my favorite mediums.  It is like marshmallow fluff in consistency.  I usually color it with ink refills or sometimes highly pigmented paint.  Sometimes I leave it white as I did with the alpha stencil design.  I snuck in a few Studio Calico butterflies as well on the large canvas.

These were such fun to do.  I have another one on my table in process.  It is a commission and I've been asked to cover the entire back base rather than leave the white areas.  Just a different look.

Thanks for stopping by!  Visit me at my Etsy shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/LovelyLayersArt

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Cooking on Tuesday

A simple 4 square grid took me a bit longer than I expected.  I played awhile on this page.  The subject is a day-to-day one this year as I have been doing some cooking for my parents once a week.

The papers are from October Afternoon's Public Library. The B sides are very homey.  Originally I was going to use an ivory background but changed to a warm woodgrain from Crate Paper that really makes those patterns pop.

This month my YouTube videos will feature die cutting.  The 'shelf' is cut on the Silhouette.  I started as a one color image but I cut a bunch of them and paper pieced with a little stamping and rub-ons thrown in.

Here's the video at YouTube:

And here is the sketch:

There is a reference early on to my newsletter. You can sign up for the free newsletter on the sidebar of the blog.  I'll send out one for December in a couple of weeks.

Oh and since it is Tuesday, lunch for 4 is simmering away in the crock pot.  Thanks for stopping by today!

Sunday, November 30, 2014

November Gratitude and TrueScrap Discount Ending

Reminder:  TrueScrap 6 Individual classes discount price of $9.99 US per class ends tonight!  Find out more here.

How was your Thanksgiving?

I had a really nice Thanksgiving week.  Now for me that is quite remarkable because I admit I'm a Thanksgiving Scrooge.

Turkey is not my favorite and I just plain don't like stuffing, cranberry sauce, gravy, and pumpkin pie.  You can imagine how I feel about cooking all that for only 3 other people.  So this year I cooked ham, sweet potatoes (the one traditional item I do like) and pumpkin pie for my husband who loves it.  I had plenty of chocolate ice cream in the freezer so I survived the holiday just find :-)

The other reason I'm a Scrooge at Thanksgiving is that something always goes wrong in November.  And plenty did this year but the week of Thanksgiving ran smoothly and I enjoyed myself a lot.

My parents joined us for lunch and seemed to really like the meal.  I got all my Christmas decorations up by Wednesday afternoon.  I even vacuumed and put the boxes back upstairs!  We helped my parents rake leaves getting that task completed before the holiday also.  I had my first experience using a blower.  If my aunt was watching us out her kitchen window, I'm sure she had a chuckle or two at my efforts although I did get the hang of it.

I do love decorating for Christmas, I like the baking, cardmaking and sharing, and just the general feel of Christmas.

So I have several things to be grateful for this week including:

My mother starting me on decorating my garlands.  It was her idea to put a garland up the stairway years ago and she bought a lot of my ornaments at after Christmas sales.  She is not a shy shopper and has been known to climb up on displays to get the ornaments she wants.  I've added to the collection and still love my garlands.  I finally gave in and went to a small artificial tree rather than a large real one.

My family for being flexible in what they eat for Thanksgiving (since I'm the only one who cooks, they don't have a lot of choice but still...)

My first Etsy sale!

Electric leaf blowers and mowers that pick up leaves.  I remember as a teenager having to rake and haul and we did the work in a quarter of the time with the right equipment.  The 50 year old trees at my parents house produce a lot of leaves!

My husband who is the most easy going person in the world taking everything in stride.

With just a hectic month, I haven't always noted my gratitudes but I do find myself counting my blessings more even if I don't write them down.  So for that I'm also grateful to November.

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Friday, November 28, 2014

From Pins to a Page

Isn't Pinterest a wonderful thing?  I still don't really know how they make money but I know I love having a place to organize my links online.  Are there ads?  I haven't noticed.

Recipes, mixed media inspiration, and other scrapbooker's pages are some of my favorite things to pin.  I'm good at referring to the recipes and the mixed media but many of my other boards get added to but not really used.

That is why I took Kelli Crowe's Saw This, Made That class from True Scrap 6. The individual classes are on sale this weekend.  Check them out here or with the link at the end of this post.

Kelli shares how she uses pinboards for inspiration for scrapbook pages.  She shows 10 layouts with several techniques along the way.  She inspired me to create the layout above from this pinboard I'd done months maybe a year ago for some challenge on Two Peas or some other reason.  I can't remember but I'm glad I did. I love the images I just didn't quite know what to do with them

When I created the board I was drawn to brighter colors (still am) and the rainbow effect.  So I used this idea for the watercolor flowers on my pages.

The flowers are cut on the Silhouette after coloring the paper and letting it dry thoroughly.  I used the coverstock setting with blade depth of 7 and only a single cut, not the double cut it defaults to.  I recommend a very sticky mat for this as that watercolor paper wanted to start crawling on my last piece.

Here is the process video at YouTube:

If you want to catch Kelli's class or any of the other great instructors in True Scrap 6, the classes are $9.99 through November 30.  (Regular price is $14.99)  There is also a code on this link to purchase them all for a lower price.  True Scrap 6 Individual Classes link

Today I'm grateful to have mailed off a canvas from my first Etsy sale.  Yeah!  Can't wait to make more.

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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

True Scrap Classes Available

The individual classes from October's True Scrap event are on sale now.

And through November 30, they a great discount at $9.99 each. (regular $14.99)

Classes from Nichol Magourik, Jennifer Gallacher, and many more.  I love the individual classes because I can buy just what I want and watch the class replay whenever I like.

You've got lots of scrapping stuff.  Learn more ways to use it from these talented ladies.

Click here for more info...

Hope everyone has a happy and safe Thanksgiving.  And a big thanks from me to those who have purchased my classes and who watch and comment on my videos!
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