Saturday, May 23, 2015

Summer 2015 Challenge

I have a crafting challenge for you this summer.  Don't worry.  It is an easy and very rewarding one.

Shop your stash and pick 5 things you want to use this summer.

That's it.  Just pick out 5 items - embellishments, paper, stamp sets, tools, ribbon, whatever.  It can be things that you haven't used in ages or things you want to move on out of your stash to make more space for new stuff or just make more space.

I'm sharing lots of things I want to use this summer and at the end of the video I picked my 5 things.  So stay tuned for more videos where I put these items to use.  I've already found photos to use with some of them.

Here's the video at YouTube:

And if you want to learn something new this summer, TrueScrap 2 classes are on sale this weekend at a housecleaning price of just $29 for all the classes.

Click here to view more details

These are gone, gone, gone after May 31.  They won't be on sale after that time but you can still access the video if you purchase them now.

Thanks and have a safe holiday weekend!

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Loves music, Loves to dance

She wiggles back and forth and shakes her hips a little.  She LOVES to dance according to her aunt who took this photo.

I wanted some movement on the page so I have staggered paper strips from the J'Adore collection by BasicGrey.  The flowers are made from sheet music.  In the description for my video, there is a link to the video on making these flowers by thestampdoc.  I made mine a little differently but I still love the method of using a large scallop punch for the flowers.

In my video is a section on using the Silhouette for creating a title that is extra easy to glue down. You don't have to handle all those individual letters. I used the technique on the word "loves" in green below.  I'm also trying out some new video editing software so let me know what you think.

Watch at YouTube:


Thanks for stopping by today!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making One Photo Stand Out

On my page with 4 photos, I really want one to be the focal point.  Some ways to make one photo stand out...

  • Matting
  • Larger size than the others
  • Placement on the page
  • Dimensional adhesive to pop it up
  • Using a close up photo

I used almost all these.  In the end, I opted for the less closeup shot of the two of us. The other tricks give the focal photo more weight.

The papers and flair are from BasicGrey's J'Adore collection.
You can see the video here at YouTube:

And here is the sketch.

Thanks for watching and for all your lovely comments.  I really appreciate hearing what you like about the videos, your questions and suggestions.  

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mother's Day card

Hope all Mothers had a wonderful day yesterday.  I was downloading photos this morning and realized - oops! - I forgot to post my Mother's Day card.  I didn't finish it until 8:00 p.m. Saturday night so I guess I didn't give myself too much time. :-)

Anyway, I did this with a stencil from Hobby Lobby and light modeling paste over a gelli print.  After the modeling paste dried, I painted the design with watercolors.

Since I was late getting this posted, you get to see my mom holding the card. They came over for lunch and she is posing after our meal before we went out to inspect the tomato plants my husband swears I planted in a crooked row.  But that is another story...

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Run Dillon Run

Sports pages are a particular challenge to me.  My husband and I are probably the least sports oriented people on the planet.  We watch no sporting events on TV or in person. We used to 'play' tennis.  More play AT tennis. We had fun though no one would accuse us of having any skill.  Bad knees, hips, etc have sidelined our comical tennis days.

If we lived closer than 1000 miles I'm sure we would get to some of Dillon's games and meets.  But we don't so we get regular updates from my stepdaughter and usually one or two sets of photos per sport per season.  So this is the track photos.

I don't collect sports embellishments or stamps since I use them so infrequently.  There wasn't anything running related for boys on the Silhouette site that I liked so I went with arrows. The chevron paper in the background gives the page some movement as well.

Here's the video at YouTube:

And here is the sketch:

And here is a link to the 2013 and 2014 sketchbooks. Each sketch has a link to the previously published video. They are organized by the number of photo per page with extra indexes and lots of ideas for substitutions.

Now I'd better get busy making a Mother's Day card. I nearly forgot!  Thanks for visiting today!

Friday, May 1, 2015

Happy Scrapbooking Day! - 2 Pager, Video and Sale

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

I started the celebration a little early making this 2 pager with video below.   Also you'll find a deal for this weekend on one of my classes.

For the page, I used my gelli plate and the Silhouette.  We get one good snow a year here so we always take photos.  But with so little winter to document, I rarely buy winter themed product.  For the papers, I used the Gelli plate and some snowflake stencils.

The embellishments are courtesy of the Silhouette and some lovely new medium from Faber Castell.

Watch at YouTube:

Here's the sketch:

And to celebrate National Scrapbooking Day, I have a deal for you on the Two Page Terrific class.  Through Sunday at 6 p.m. Eastern, the class is only $15.  Lots of great content.

Check it out on the class page, here.

Thanks for spending part of the day devoted to our hobby with me.

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Tuesday Morning Finds

I've only had a few minutes now and again to pop into a store and check out the scrapping goodies.  I spotted a Tuesday morning the other day and popped in to see if they had any drinking glasses I liked.  Ours have gotten to be so few and with chips in so many of them, my husband actually told me to replace them.  Mind you, he typically shies away from anything to do with even choosing household items.  I'd been looking for the perfect glasses for 2 years to replace the ones from Crate and Barrel I ordered when we moved into this house over 20 years ago.  I still hadn't found any but thought Tuesday Morning might have some.

I did buy some glasses and what do you know?  Just a few feet on down that same aisle was scrapbooking stuff!  Our Tuesday Morning closed a couple of years ago and they never had scrapbook stuff anyway.  So I quickly sifted through the Thickers and a few other things.

Also, at JoAnn's I got a couple of Tim Holtz metals and some new paint.

Here are the goodies at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!  I hope to see you on National Scrapbooking Day this Saturday.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Calming Chaos

If you could look closely at the photo in this layout, you would see a very messy craft room.  The title might lead you to think that I was capturing how I would organize my craft space.

Actually the title is about how the craft room and all the mess is actually a calming factor in my life right now.  We are going through a lot of medical issues and have been for a couple of months.  Being a caregiver often means really being organized and some of my chores involve keeping things sterile.  My craft space is in the only room on our 2nd floor and seldom is anyone up there but me.  So I can be as messy as I want and it doesn't matter at all.

I haven't had as much time in my craft room lately, but when I do I work on layouts or sometimes just play.  The photo was taken after I'd been doing a lot of gelli prints.  I was making some of them for a particular project but still I wasn't too concerned about perfection and order.  That was nice.

For the layout, I went through many of the gelli prints in my stash and ended up using a piece of printed tissue paper.  It is just ordinary white wrapping tissue from the dollar store.  I don't show how I created this particular print but how it is used.

Here's the video at YouTube:

Thanks for watching!  Videos may be sporadic over the next few weeks but I still plan to do as many as I can.
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